Easy steps to Install Windows 7 in Usb Stick

This is the one of easy tutorial to install 7 on USB stick without any software such as 7 to usb software. You just need to format the USB stick then copy all of your 7 file.

first step format the stick with USB Prep Format Tool or with HP Usb Format Tool.
format it with fat. why i Choose FAT as File system..?? Because if you use NTSF or fat32 you will spent more time to waiting 4 the copying process.

Copy your 7 installer from DVD to your own usb stick.. wait until you are finish with this step.

then, Make your USB recognized as 7 bootable,
run command prompt with pressing Win Keyboard + R or start -> Run…

type the letter of your USB. for example, USB placed on Letter F:
type f: then enter.

type “cd boot” at command prompt to change the boot directory….
then type “bootsect /nt60” to make 7 booted.
after that you will find the line on command prompt that you are done with 7 bootable.


restart your Laptop.. Then boot it from USB Flash drive in Bios Setup.
follow the instruction of instaling seven.

note : it more fast than we install XP from flash drive.. Just wait approximately 15 min to finish it…

You have 7 installed in your Laptop…

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